Which are valid class names?

My Awesome Program 1Awesome AwesomeProgram Number1Program A class name cannot start with a number and cannot have spaces in its name. A class name can be constructed out of of alphabets, numbers, $ and _.

From naming conventions perspective, which class name would you choose?

tutorialProgram TutorialProgram WriteGoodCode From recommended naming conventions perspective a class name should start with a capital case and every word should be camel cased. Use noun forms of the word and not verbs

Which system is used to convert a .java file to .class file

JRE JDK JRE runs a .class file. JDK takes a .java file and converts it to .class file.

A .java file contains...

byte code Java programming language code .class file contains Bytecode, .java contains the java program written in java programming langauge.

A programmer named a class synchronized. Is this possible?

Yes No synchronized is one of java keyword and cannot be used for class name

A Cloud Computer is actually in the cloud above

Yes No HaHa no! A cloud computer is kept in huge data centers of cloud providers where you find thousands of such computers. Popular cloud vendors are Google, Amazon, Microsoft

Which expression allows you to access the third program argument in the main method with args as the name of the method argument?

args[3] args[2] Index numbers start from 0, so the 2nd index number gets you the third argument

In the main method "public static void main(String[] args)", the method parameter should be named 'args' always otherwise the program will not compile

true false The parameter name can be anything you want although args is commonly used for the main method

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