Which are valid class names?

My Awesome Program 1Awesome AwesomeProgram Number1Program A class name cannot start with a number and cannot have spaces in its name. A class name can be constructed out of of alphabets, numbers, $ and _.

From naming conventions perspective, which class name would you choose?

tutorialProgram TutorialProgram WriteGoodCode From recommended naming conventions perspective a class name should start with a capital case and every word should be camel cased. Use noun forms of the word and not verbs

Which system is used to convert a .java file to .class file

JRE JDK JRE runs a .class file. JDK takes a .java file and converts it to .class file.

A .java file contains...

byte code Java programming language code .class file contains Bytecode, .java contains the java program written in java programming langauge.

A programmer named a class synchronized. Is this possible?

Yes No synchronized is one of java keyword and cannot be used for class name

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