Exercise (Solutions)


Study the below class:

class MyClass {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello World");

Observe the indentation for System.out.println statement. Figure out why it has two tab indentation. Explain your answer.


What is wrong with this class definition?

class MySecondClass (



What is wrong with this class definition?

classMyThirdClass {



What is wrong with this method definition?

mymethodname {



What method must every application program have, to run as a standalone program?


What must a statement end with?


Write a program and give it a meaningful name as per the recommended convention and create three methods and invoke them like so:

The main method takes in one program argument and displays "Welcome " + name of the person invoking the program sent is as program argument.

Main method then invokes the method with the name displayFirstLessonTips In this method print out 1 or 2 sentences of what tips you would provide to a person trying to learn this lesson.

diplayFirstLessonTips will then invoke another method called sayGoodbye which will print out "Good bye" + name. I have not taught you how to send the program argument received in the main method to other methods yet. Can you do that?

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